Censorship for Sam





For Christian – Raised image of temple for the blind (Bath)

Erotic pics for the blind

I won’t be including this in my Visual Summary, but felt I had to share it anyway. 🙂 Hope nobody’s offended by it, and apologies if so.. let me know, and I’ll censor it.

Playboy in braille

Soldier for Nadav

Soldier made up of numerous little plastic soldiers glued on a base, airbrushed in different colours and shades, making up the picture.



Interesting Festival

Hey guys, This mini festival http://www.alpha-ville.co.uk/ might be of interest for some of the people whose projects involve the topic of music. There are various talks and debates taking place over the course of the weekend. There is a debate about post digital culture, and some other talks about branding and social media strategy.

How are you doing?

Hey! How are you guys doing? I’m starting to panic a bit, I’ve spent too much time doing non-MA stuff and am finding it a bit tricky to get back on track… Hopefully I will get it together soon and speed things up. When is our first session back at Uni? Do you know?

Hope you all had a nice summer!

Remains of a story


This is the cover of a german magazine, comparable to the Time Magazine.


1. New York once has been the proudest city of the world: big, strong, intangible

2. Then came 9/11

3. Ten years later the question comes up: Where to put the wreckage?

Her is the link to the article where (can/`t read about it) but see images of how the wreckage has bee stored and categorized so far.


For Nadav

This is the video I was talking about on one of the previous group meetings, and I’ve promised to send the link to you, so here it goes:

Planetary, Itunes Visualiser

More on visualising music, might be useful for some of you…



Stunning iTunes Visualizer, Powered By Bold Experiment In UI Design

The eye-popping app from Bloom is actually a new interface metaphor that could be applied to any kind of data, not just your music.

Planetary (voiceover) from Bloom Studio, Inc. on Vimeo.

audio & visual: graphics in music industry

hey all, sorry for the late arrival. I’ve been writing down ideas on my own blog if anyone is interested…