we all want to be young

At this point, I don’t think there’s a right or wrong, good or bad, and I definitely don’t think it’s a choice or even an option anymore (to stay out of the internet/offline). It’s addictive, mandatory! It’s our way to connect and be connected at all times, it’s a time saver (and a time waster/spender), it’s multifunctional, practical, useful, friendly and full of trash. It’s complex, global, crazy, dangerous, so interesting, comfortable, free and quite expensive at the same time (if you think about the hardware and software it involves). It’s a vicious ‘world’, that’s for sure.

I want to be part of this revolution, if I may say so. I want my “hello world” as well, I want to spread my creative voice (or just my ordinary self), I don’t care if to a stranger on the other side of the screen. It’s not about fame or fortune, it’s about connection, community, socialization, humanity, expression, existence. It’s about sharing experiences, materials/data, knowledge (data?), jokes, whatever.. It’s a way to live. So many possibilities, although freedom always comes with responsibility. It’s up to you (and me) to keep focused, not to lose ourselves surfing until ‘the end of times’.

How much can we actually perceive or how long does it all last? What’s happening next? [Who cares?!]


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  1. Thank you for your post, the automatic response I wanted to give you was a “LIKE” I think it is because that’s the most easyest and normal response today.

  2. The smallest thing can sometimes be enough to express what’s on our mind, the Facebook “like” has gone far beyond his first purpose and it’s now off screen as well. This is all ephemeral – the “carpe diem” style – but that’s okay.

  3. Your right and I agree, however when every-bodies gesture of appreciation is the exact same it could be very disturbing.

  4. Probably that’s when things change again, when we get all tired of the same old same old (when the new, becomes old), when the next step is taken. The “unlike” button is available already, and so what? Who’s going to lead the way?

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