reflecting upon some of the   The Crystal Goblet ways of using text
Process Values
•    To reject traditional forms and decorative elements
•    To seek a solution that was simple and direct
•    To be concerned with process by which the designer worked
•    To use systematic methods rather than intuitive ones
•    To use rational, objective approaches to the solving of graphic problems
•    To think about relationships in form and content
Formal Visual Values
•    To use geometric shapes: the circle, the triangle and the square
•    To use primary colours
•    To use sans serif typefaces
•    To show contrast in typography material
•    To base work on pragmatic issues of printing, paper sizes, photo-engraving, standardisation
•    The use of photomontage rather than drawings or illustrations
•    The use of silhouetted photographs with white backgrounds
•    The use of maps and diagrams
•    The use of graphic symbols and icons
•    The use of asymmetric page layout
•    The use of grid or clearly delineated page-organizing method
•    To apply a planned visual hierarchy in the manner in which the graphic elements were integrated
•    To know and apply perceptual laws (i.e keeping elements grouped)
•    To apply continuity in page flow


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