It’s now “I search, therefore I am.”

Found this post on Nicholas Carr’s blog and thought it was pretty interesting.

“It’s not what you can find out, Frost and James and Poirier told us; it’s what you know. Truth is self-created through labor, through the hard, inefficient, unscripted work of the mind, through the indirection of dream and reverie. What matters is what cannot be rendered as code. Google can give you everything but meaning.” —Nicholas Carr

You can read the full article here


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  1. Interesting comments… I have a tendency to agree. I personally thought the Ted talk with the young kids and computers was a little disingenuous – yes, they could ‘Google’ ‘information’, and they could then recite that ‘information’ back to the researchers, but they couldn’t interpret or understand that information and turn it into ‘knowledge’. That’s the hard, inefficient stuff that is required to actually process information and data and make use of it.

  2. So, nothing to worry about, right? The internet isn’t killing our culture because we all know it can’t replace’s only a tool, like all others – “Have you got it, Earthman? Your evolution depended so much on your technology…that it almost replaced you…and, in the end, tried to destroy you.” (Kubrick 2001: The space odyssey” explained – but it didn’t and it won’t. It just a tool.

  3. *it’s just a tool.

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