” Manifesto and Rhetoric ” peer group discussion 10h30-13h00

Here is a summary with bullet points of the discussion.

Please add some comments, links etc … to reflect on it personally.

Body shop – Their branding is based upon what the company does, like recycles their bottles against animal testing, fair trading etc.
Benetton photographer Tibor Kalman – Color Magazine – information without design
Radicals became a manifesto by themselves
Benetton doesn’t show clothes but people
Benetton is not real but provocative but it’s aiming a behaviour change or thinking
Benefit for their own feel good reflection in the society
Fair trade Brand should revolve around what they do ex: manifesto
Encourage people to think about the ethics behind what they produce – sustainability
Innocent smoothies use goodness to sell like BP – but they lied
Companies should not have a face value statement they should follow through like with their actions
They should not advertise something that they don’t produce
Versace / 10% for charity – do they feel good buying it with that ?
Child labour – nike / hiv
Anti smoking campaign put more money into advertising smoking and less money into quite smoking
Selfridge sale (Rhetoric) everything is branding
Branding make you recognise your company – identity
Tate brand doesn’t mean anything, Saatchi gallery less advertise but maybe better
“word by mouth” exclusive ?
Mainstream = accessible to everyone including non artist
Consumerism is time / contagious
“The disneyization of Society” Allan Bryman
Top shop – nails, hair, coffee, candy, eating … in one place
Hybrid consumerism
Selling an experience
Supermarket – “by one get one free” – you end up buying stuff you don’t need
The idea of the sale is to just initially get you in the store and make you buy expensive goods
Ikea – The place is designed to keep you in and make you buy more than you want because of the shop layout
You eat first, walk around and eat at the end again – keeping people in
All coffee shop look the same, sell the same thing but different brand – happening in Paris
A lot of the products are promoted by their outside look/appearance rather than promoting their non toxic ingredients if used
Similar to bread which only needs for ingredients but most of the branded breads have more
But organic product more expensive
Inevitable to buy – not a choice
Mac Donalds – we prefered the old branding red and yellow not the green fake organic interior design



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