“Screen and Text” peer group discussion 14.00-16.00

Screen :

Google ; always find naked people whatever the search.

Google banned in China, censored into Google didn’t want to be “distributed” to countries that use censorship, but have now changes their mind.
TEDtalks : bringing computers to children to find info online. Too big step : from no school to internet learning. DNA info might have been a bad example to show. other info/examples would’ve served a better purpose. The later part of the research was too controlled, it didn’t fit in with the more “natural/playful” beginning when letting the kids do what they wanted and situations when the older children were showing and educating the younger ones.
Too much options online and unverified info – compared to book.
Education + internet controlling world/ History
Technology putting education out of space. not only access to good / porn
interaction = firstly it was working well, properly 2 : tutorials needed 3 : using playing for fun 4. free access/ to much convenient 5. forcing it remotes/takes us to the only 1 line
Online access make people lazy. Use Google and other WEBsites as shortcuts to info instead of memorising things.
Cookies from sites where you’ve looked at products lead to sponsored links and commercial ads popping up on whatever sites you visit aftrewards. Companies always gather into about you in order to sell it on to others companies who target you as a customer with ads and info specialised and customade your interests.
Facebook as an example. People desactivate teir profile (hide it) while applying for a job to prevent employers to check out info about you and make judgements or access to friends or photos online.
Egyptian revolution helped by Google/Facebook. Internet service blocked by gourvenment to prevent people communicating and organising. Google helped find other ways. For people to still use facebook.
It was called “facebook revolution” in the media. Revolution to society new type of revolution.
Internet cafes in Syria are supervised and controlling what is said. Certain words are not to be used. “freedom of speach” but still controlled.
Google named this way because it doesn’t seem too “techy” or cold and it appeals to everyday people. Now such a well-known name it’s become a verb ” google it”.
How things get published is getting backwards (marketing).
Writers and musicians may now have their breakthrough online and afterwards get discovered and pulled into the whole marketing machine with promotion.  Young boy coming back from the dentist filmed by his dad + “charlie bit my finger” kid. People raised to worldwide “celebs” overnight only because of selfposted videoclips on Youtube.
People not reading as much anymore + not so many magazine subscriptions. No need to read long texts anymore due to all the shortened versions made available to us everywhere.
Google’s not making us stupid but lazy and impatient. We need to know “the sum of it” quickly.
Playing when little with shapes makes the brain form connections that will help later in other situations. To see sometimes written words makes it easier to memorise than learning it. Screen is just a screen.

Text :

Type is just a form or to be read ? Trends in text

Beatrice Warde lived in a different time to us and so did Jeff Keedy. His opinion and critics aren’t valid because of it ( a comparison on between B’s and J’s work to be posted).
Sometimes as designers it’s nice to just look at letters as shape and it can be beautiful (as art ?). Typographers seem to have been serious and organised like mathematicians before.
Type is seen in a different way now. How we use letters : make people pay attention / make people read.
Who decides what good taste is. If Beatrice and her peers in the 30’s were the gatekeepers of good Taste then who is it now ?


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