Helvetica, the movie

Maybe something for us to watch?

“Overlong but fascinating, Mr. Hustwit’s documentary posits Helvetica — a sans-serif typeface developed in 1957 at the Haas Foundry in Munchenstein, Switzerland — as an emblem of the machine age, a harbinger of globalization and an ally of modern art’s impulse toward innovation, simplicity and abstraction. Its versatility is showcased in shots of storefronts, street signs, public transportation systems, government forms, advertisements and newspaper vending boxes.”



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    I love the Helvetica movie! Very interesting…

    I do believe text should be clear, readable, straightforward and have clarity. I think text should be neutral allowing meaning to be in the text itself. The reader should not be aware of the text in front of them. It’s the fight against visual disease.

    Helvetica has a perfect balance of ‘push and pull’

    Although I have an interest into this outlook on design I am equally fascinated in the experimental approach.

  2. I think Tony or Paul has the Helvetica movie in College, and we can set up a film showing if you are all interested?

  3. Its a really good film.

  4. okay okay
    I do agree that an informative text or text in a book should be straight forward clear and of course allow the the reader to concentrate on the meaning of the text.
    BUT let`s get more playful imagine you get the task to visualize 3 minutes with typography.
    How do you do it? Obviously the number 3? NO come on…You can do stuff with the text you could use the same text and express 3 completely different minutes! WE all know how fast 3 minutes can pass away if we desperately need them, in an exam for example. We all know how long 3 minutes can be, waiting for the bus in the dark cold night… and we all know joyful 3 minutes and horrible 3 minutes.
    Now to express it with the Typeface only is boring USE spacing, break rules, set it narrow set it wide, give the text feeling give it soul and give a shit on everything you think you know!
    I think you know what I mean!
    There is to much helvetica around us!
    Helvetica and punk concert no way!

  5. christianarvidsson

    I’d like to see it for sure, but maybe some of the others already have?

  6. yes i would be keen to watch too…

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