Allen Hori’s 1989 poster ‘Typography As Discourse’ was designed to announce a lecture by Mcoy,  is a manifesto for a design practice informed by literary theory.

Hori’s Typography challenges the traditional opposition between seeing and reading. He treats the surace as both theoretical content and a sensual form, as both text and texture.

Rather than delivering information directly, Hori’s poster expects the reader to work to uncover the messages.

This approach appears to be very radical compared to the ‘form follows function’ approach, but is equally as interesting. Does it read well? Maybe not. Does it spark interest through the reader reader engaging with the piece? maybe so.


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  1. I think that the poster is very clever and its design is intersting. I have many questions regarding poster design today, does the format (50×70 cm or 100 x 70 cm) automaticly make the design a poster ? if you hang something on a wall and it has a message – is it a poster ? does the message need to be simple and understood in a short time or from a long distance ? where do we see most of designed posters today ? on the street corner, or in a gallery or a controled inviroment wich allows us, as designers to experiment with more complicated messages like in Allen Hori’s piece.

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