Do all logos need to be design in a “3D style” now ?

In reaction to Taro post “Minimalist effect in the maximalist market”

I believe logos are being simplified but also always redesigned with a similar axe: “it must feel like it’s 3D or it won’t work!” I don’t know of it’s a good thing but in my point of view I feel they are all looking a bit the same and yes they are more modern and “more like logos should be now” but don’t you prefer the oldest ones? Aren’t they more trustful? Maybe it’s nostalgia and as Neville Brody said in the lecture: “Don’t get nostalgic it doesn’t help graphic design, go forward.” I feel that making logos more like moving and “3D style” is a little bit pointless and sometime used without purpose because for my part we see this change in all the big brands. Does it help them to sell their products? Have their products changed as well as the logo indicates? Maybe. But I don’t know if it’s like a fashion or a real point of view.


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  1. One kid wants ice cream all kids want ice cream.

    I think it is not a question of aesthetic but the desire to try all the latest techniques that are available. And when everything has been tried with the Logo then they do a vintage version and the game starts again.

  2. I believe that everyone is trying the “web2” versions on their logo because it looks slick and modern. However this applies only to the screen, while trying to print a 3D logo it usually looks very bad. Of course their are screen logos that were made that way from scratch such as “Skype” and “Youtube” I wonder if anyone tries to make them 2D one day ?

  3. “There are trends in any kind of things. I am feeling the reason for making all these 3D logos is because they look more smarter on digital displays. Imagine if they were printed on paper. That must be terrible…”

  4. “Oops, I’m saying the same thing with Nadav. The MEDIA is choosing it’s DESIGN and TEXTURE. Not designers…”

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