To be aware

Payback is the title of a book I`m reading now and then. It is not a story so it is more informative …

Among other issues of the 21th century it deals with the question: “Why are we forced in the age of  constant information to do what we do not want to do, and how do we regain control of our thinking?”

Fewer and fewer people are able to distinguish what is important and what is not important. But the computer determines our life in a more dramatic way: For every time the computer apparently feeds us selflessly with information we feed it with truth. Truth is a part of us, maybe we can regard it as a pice of us. A giant net is full of information from us. None of this information is ever lost, everything is processed and used to control our thoughts through the latest software.The society is slowly begins to understand how important psychological and political answers to these existential changes are. The way out of the calculable life is not the denial of technology but a new thinking in us as human beings.




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  1. “A giant net is full of information from us. None of this information is ever lost” – the amazing thing about web is that you just need a power shutdown for all the information to be lost…

  2. ..add that to a disk failure and everything you had/were/have done is gone. Back-up once, twice, everyday, and still nothing is safe. Time machine, or a double (external) one, might help, but just for a little while longer, two years, perhaps, and then it might all crash again. In the end of the ‘day’ all we can count on is “us as human beings”.

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