Facebook is a baby girl!

did you guys see this? it was one of these news that appear on yahoo’s first page

it startled me that even if facebook and twitter faciliated or, were entirely responsible, for the revolution in Egypt, someone would name his daughter “Facebook”

would it be the same as someone in the 60s naming their daughter: “leaflet” or “flyer”?


A young Egyptian man has decided to call his first-born daughter Facebook in a tribute to the social media site’s role in his country’s political revolution.

Proud father Jamal Ibrahim, who was swept up in enthusiasm over the revolt against President Hosni Mubarak, gave his daughter the unorthodox name to express his thanks for developments in Egypt since anti-government protests started on 25 January, according to Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram.

The girl’s full name is Facebook Jamal Ibrahim, and family and friends have reportedly gathered around the newborn to express their continuing support for the revolution that started on Facebook.

Egypt is home to five million Facebook users – the highest number in the Middle East – and the website was instrumental in galvanising civilians for peaceful protests that eventually toppled Mubarak.

Following the President’s resignation on 11 February, graffiti artists scribed ‘Thank you Facebook’ on walls across Cairo.

During the uprising, thousands of Egypt-themed groups and pages appeared on Facebook, and the military government even started using the site to try and reach out to Egyptian youth.

A whopping 32,000 groups and 14,000 pages were created in this time.

Facebook has received many gifts from young people who were overjoyed by both her arrival and her inventive name, reports Al-Ahram.



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  1. We now have to wait for the “Twitter” baby !

  2. Facebook come here your food is ready now, Facebook go clean your room, Facebook you are late for school, Facebook turn of the music, Facebook…..

  3. “In ten years time, the whole media will shift to another generation. What can we do from this moment? Can we predict this kind of movement?”

  4. “The World Is Obsessed With Facebook”:

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