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Tesla roadster 

Transportation is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than any other sector. The Tesla Roadster is an entirely electric vehicle and, thereby, has zero emissons.

It is worth noting that transportation is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than any other sector. The issue at hand is the fact that one-third of the world’s CO2 emissions stem from transportation, thus making electrical cars a necessity.

Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by a group of intrepid Silicon Valley engineers who set out to prove that electric vehicles could be awesome–and potentially improve the environment.

The Tesla Roadster is an entirely electric vehicle, with zero emissions and zero-to-100 km/h acceleration in four seconds. The Roadster is the first electric vehicle to incorporate a 350+ km range per charge. With a fuel efficiency equivalent to almost 60 km per liter and gorgeous styling, the Tesla Roadster proves that electric cars can be cool and fun to drive. The battery recharges in three-and-a-half hours, which might raise your electricity bill, but because of its great mileage, driving the Roadster actually costs less than one cent per kilometer.

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2008 Tesla Roadster

Tesla’s Roadster is the first zero emission vehicle in production
Ze’ev Drori, President and CEO of Tesla Motors, recently announced the start of regular production of the companies Roadster.

Drori explained in a blog post, “Since my previous communication we have obtained all the required regulatory approvals for the sale of the Roadster in the US and delivered the first production Tesla Roadster. We also set at that time a date of March 17th 2008 for the start of regular production of the Roadster. I am pleased to report to you that we have met this commitment and have begun regular production.”

What’s fascinating is as Tesla manufacturing ramps up, they are taking orders for the 2009 model year. All of the 2008 Roadsters have been reserved. Great news for Tesla, even better news for the electric car industry as a whole. No other company has come this far, actually delivering vehicles to customers. Yes, Tesla has had some hiccups, but they’ve succeeded in jumping through the hoops and are now prepared to continue that success into the next model year.

Here’s the link to put your name on the 2009 wait list.

Tesla Roadster noseTesla Roadster interiorTesla Roadster rear


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  1. Amazing what they can do these days.

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