One Laptop per Child

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it reminds me of the TED talk we watched in the lecture. So I do think it’s worth while to bring technology to the educational area.

ninety-nine percent of children in developing countries leave school without having touched a computer. The non-profit One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) brings learning, information, and communication to children in developing countries.

… without computer literate populations in developing countries, much of the world will continue to struggle to compete in a rapidly evolving, global information economy with a growing knowledge gap.
… this laptop is a small machine with a big mission. It brings learning, information, and communication to children where education is needed most, in developing countries.

OLPC’s mission is to empower the world’s poorest children through education

One Laptop per Child mission and principles · download videos

We aim to provide each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected laptop. To this end, we have designed hardware, content and software for collaborative, joyful, and self-empowered learning. With access to this type of tool, children are engaged in their own education, and learn, share, and create together. They become connected to each other, to the world and to a brighter future.


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  1. I think it’s too quick for them to have a computer from nowhere, like “paf a computer!” In my point of view, the evolution will take part in those countries like it happened for us but maybe in a slower and different way. I think that for them to take part in this new era they need to see and get through all the evolution and stages of the “computer world”, as we did, to have the time to understand it and grow with it. But in a way maybe it’s too slow and everyone should have, for once, the chance to take part in this revolution at the same time…

  2. Albane, I do not agree with you, when you give a baby an iphone he can play with it and understand how it functions in minutes, he does not need to go through all the stages of telephone communication – Telegram > dial telephone > electronic dial > primitive cellular phone > smart phone.

  3. yes, I think it’s possible to introduce computers as an aid in the educational environments worldwide even if they weren’t part of these kids lives yet. As a matter of fact, if we compare the digital revolution with the printing press revolution wouldn’t it have been very fast any how?!
    From the super size computers to laptops was a jump. Moreover, it will set a bigger gap apart from rich countries to poor ones if we think that it’s too quick. I don’t think there’s anytime to be wasted as far as trying to even out this gap, and bringing technology will surely help people economically (enabling them to get jobs, afterall basic computer skills is required for most jobs nowadays

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