Piccadilly Circus loses


This “news item” was found yesterday on yahoo’s news page. My first reaction was laughing, but while analyzing this small item I understood how ridiculous the power of brands had become. I wonder if who ever wrote this peice was thinking about the meaning of its header, or was it just pure and fast intuition. Who made whom famous, Piccadilly Circus Sanyo or the other way around ? Who is losing by taking off the sign, The Circus or the corporate ? I believe that the Circus built in 1819 has much more of a narrative to offer than Sanyo. The Piccadily Circus is a London landmark, it was alive, bustling and kicking  way before Sanyo was incorporated, and in terms of branding I think that Piccadilly Circus is much stronger than Sanyo, and has a bigger “promise”. I’m sure that there is a Que of corporates waiting for Sanyo to evacuate their sign, but in my heart I know that the real losers are us, fascinated by the next neon to come.


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  1. I don’t think we are losers, come on..how cool is a new neon sign to come up on that corner? new is great! I agree, Sanyo or no Sanyo, it makes no difference (to be at least), it’s all the light in brands (any brand), it’s the neon type, it’s the bright effect of it all at night, in pictures, that many tourists came to look for.

  2. *(to me at least)

  3. *come (I’m so dyslexic sometimes..)

  4. Hey Joana, I know what you mean, and in a way I agree, I’m a sucker for brands and neon’s myself…where was the first place I wanted to go to when I visited Manhattan, obviously Times Square. But I think a really funny thing is happening, taking the Piccadilly Circus example again, because I think in the past the corporates where “riding” on the coolness of the city’ while today the city is “riding” on the coolness of a brand.

  5. it’s funny I wouldn’t even know there was a sanyo sign there_ was that why you thought it was funny, Nadav? Maybe I knew it only subconsciously. After all, I’m sure if they put up signs there it’s because one way or another people will remember their brand. But at Piccadilly Circurs, just as with Times Square, the mix of so many of them together I just seem to notice the combination of the lights of the neon.

  6. joanaoliveira

    I supposed this city, in particular, and New York on another different (bigger) level is cool for itself, today, and it will be for many years to come, I believe. Brands in signs like that become major worldwide, obviously, but they can perfectly change from time to time..I guess most people won’t even notice. So, just to go ‘against’ you, I still think brands ‘ride’ on the coolness of the city.

  7. the first time I ever saw piccadilly circus my exact reaction was ”is that it???” Such and anti climax! Not even sure it’s worth being being called a landmark.. it’s more of an eye sore!

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