South Park Facebook

Reading again all the posts about Screen and the peer group discussion summary I remembered this South Park episode called You Have 0 Friends.

I think this particular episode is quite relevant on how Facebook as an example can create new social behaviours.

I used, being a young adult who haven’t been raised with Facebook and have known many other things before it, to think of it as nothing more than a (communication) tool, but a real powerful one.

Such a powerful tool that today, any boss supposed to be a conscious adult, responsible for giving a job or not (in a fair, equal way, regarding only experience) to another adult, is checking (at least really tempted to) the Facebook profile and photos of candidates. Or a tool being used as a Revolution planner. But it is also a name for children now. And that is big…  So I must be wrong thinking of it as just being a tool. But then, with this in mind, watching this episode I’ve just figured out how much Facebook must be more than a just a tool (or whatever we imagine it is) to youngers and children. To the generation that has only known Facebook, that are growing with it, it is no more a tool than just their reality, a way of living.

What we used to know as the socializing school playgrounds when we were children, being nice or crual, playing, arguing with one another and thus growing and learning what life is, is now (if not replaced by) extended within Facebook. When you go home what happened during the day at school for example still goes on on Facebook. There isn’t anymore this separation of places and their different social roles such as home, school or weekend activities places. Facebook can be all these places, Facebook is everywhere, anywhere. I don’t really know how this can be a change but I am sure it is a massive one. Of course South Park is a caricature but I think it’s not really far from what it actually is. Many more massive changes are going to happen as new generations, with total new behaviour and representation of “reality” will grow.


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