For this project, I am interested in researching about the phenomenon of reflection combined with typography.

I tested with mirrors and different angles and, when projecting images on them I discovered multiplied, reversed and distorted effects. I want to explore this technique experimenting with typography and the creation of words (half a letter/word completed with its reflect).

I also observed the effect of distortion that I will test with simple patterns to create more complex ones.

I do not want to discard any idea at this point but during these early experiments I made a surprising discovery. I bent mirror paper to form a cylinder and I observed that when placed in textured surfaces it duplicates the texture and becomes part of the surrounding , like a “camouflage” object.

I find interesting the idea of “camouflage” text and messages determined and affected by the surrounding.

I want to develop this concept making typographic pieces that are somehow integrated in the space and modified by it. The peer group session helped me to think about other elements I can add to this experiment, ephemeral objects or elements that produce unexpected results (water/sun).


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  1. Hi Julia,

    Sounds really interesting. Will become clearer by working through visual research/experiments and trying to set up different processes to evaluate the results – i.e. you become more ‘expert’ in different models of typography and reflection.


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