“(…) how a creative minds think and feel – on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual or even on a completely sporadic basis. What triggers one’s imagination? What makes it snap? What’s in one’s in-trays? What’s in one’s top drawers? What’s in one’s bottom drawers? What’s in the back of one’s plan chests? Manic hoarding, passionate collecting, planning, sketching, noting, debating, commenting, listening, quoting, reading, writing, scribbling, crossing out, cutting, pasting, slashing… chronicle of work, life, delirium, and the process of creation.”

I intend to collect and investigate sketchbooks, notebooks or diaries from different creative fields of work, from well-known artists to close graduated friends. I’m planning to compare, analyse and catalogue their journey towards an outcome, while, simultaneously, producing my own series of sketchbooks with course content and on going freelance graphic work.

I am searching for sketchbooks from illustrators, graphic designers, architects, film-makers, photographers and musicians, along with my personal visual testing in analogue format.

How do we do it? From size, materials, format and techniques, how do we come up with our final ideas or final products? How do we organize our mind in order to create something? How long is the way, how many steps do we need, what do we all do the same, and what is the x factor that makes us different from everybody else?

Dealing with authorship and self-expression, cultural understandings, social and political beliefs, i aim to  map as many things possible from our own never-ending process of thinking, registered for the eternity in those usually small personal books.

To conclude, my focus goes to the raw data of our creative souls..or something likewise.


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  1. We had a Major Project last year that attempted to produce visual mapping systems to show stages of project development, testing the ‘iterative’ nature of the design process.

    You need to think of potential secondary sources of information – are there studies of sketchbooks, design processes etc you could consult?

    There is a Centre for Research into Drawing at Wimbledon that might be worth looking into. And check out books of research process/sketchbooks including Karel Martens’ Druckwerk in the LCC library. Think of the ways in which you might compare and contrast different approaches in order to discover or reveal something meaningful.


  2. Thank you Russ, I do have a book on sketchbooks:
    [GRAPHIC MAGAZINE ISSUE 10 – TAKING A LINE FOR A WALK, Marc Valli and Richard Brereton]
    but I’ll definitely look for more in the LCC library.
    I am expecting to receive this weekend sketchbooks from friends in Portugal, from different creative fields and I will make a rationale of them afterwards, make comparisons, find similar and opposite points in their personal research. I hope I can find interesting and meaningful things.

    Happy Easter!

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