Rhetoric / major project

The area I am interested in researching is the contrast between male / female and how it applies to graphic design. How the male / female target audiences affect the typography, composition / layout and choice of colors of the design.


I plan to examine how the ideas of smooth and rough can be carried through design by experimenting with different surfaces, trying a range of layouts (a more jagged compositon, bolder typeface will be associated with guys, for instance. While a more delicate font, printed on delicate paper, will be associated with girls).


Also, I will experiment with the idea of joining word and image in order to highlight these differences and engage the viewer into questioning the role of stereotypes.




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  1. Hi Cristina,

    Good background idea and it builds very well on your Unit One work. You need to do some secondary research to test and/or justify your questions and your assumptions – e.g. rough surfaces for male, smooth for female. Can you find examples of products/materials that follow these codes?


  2. Hi Russ, perhaps for my secondary research I could look at packaging for male/female products, as it was suggested in the peer group meeting on Tuesday. And extend to other products which target audiences based on gender, such as magazines, clothing stores and so on.

    • Yes that sounds good. Basically, if you are making a comparison between materials/surfaces/colours/patterns and male/female users/audience groups, then you need to find areas where there are male/female obvious differences. Products, clothes, magazines etc are all good points to start – just be ordered in your approach, taking one area for comparison at a time.

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