For the Unit 2 project I would like to do some research about the trip I did with my father in Asia this October. We were gone for a month and a half and had the time and chance to visit Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Burma. This trip was maybe my only chance to live such an incredible experience with my dad and those cultures.

I was quite helped by what Nadav asked me during the peer group discussion. I think, as he said, that I should ask myself, at first, before looking back at what I documented in this trip, what is so special about the relationship I have with my father and the decision to realise such a trip. I think that maybe I documented something deeper. What made it so significant for me?

On the second step, I need to look at what is left from this trip, such as; 30go pictures, the itinerary, the trip diary I wrote, the maps, the hundreds tickets/vouchers/stamps, the people I have met, the cultures I have discovered, the objects I brought back etc… At first, it was difficult to look back at all of this because it gave me a strong feeling of melancholy (wich I had for about ten days when I went back from the trip) but I really want to do a rational of this trip and create a piece of design out of what I will discover.

On one hand, it could lead to a narration mapping piece that would show subjectively my trip in over whole and my own vision of it by using many layers for examples, or on the other hand, I could choose a more specific area, such as the fact that in those countries modern technology are mixed with the traditional ones and it creates an original landscape, and then recount this discovery.

By the time I finished this rational as a basis of my work (as the triangle was for me in Unit 1) I think that it will reveal more defined subjects or aspects that I will want to talk about but for the moment it is quite an open and large area.

Since my father is an architect, I look forward to do the elective B because of the subject (graphic and architecture). It will allow me to discover my father’s work through mine.



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  1. Hi Albane,

    It sounds like you have some interesting material, but I think you need to reflect on how you might potentially build a level of objectivity into your design work. The trip sounds like it was a huge experience for you – but how do you negotiate the visual material so that it means something of interest to someone else?

    What would be the kinds of contexts that you could look at? I would suggest travelogues, maps, diaries, studies of cultures and nationalities… as well as the ways in which those things are visualised graphically.

    What would be an interesting story to tell about the locations, the people, your relationship to your fellow traveller and those people you met etc?

  2. Nadav Barkan

    Hi Albane, this is a link to Nicholas Felton’s website, he designes annual reports of he’s own experiences. maybe the annual report of he’s trip to China will be intersting for you.

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