Area Of Interest

I want to investigate the mapping of space. This would result in me documenting existing spaces and expressing the data. I could present a different way for the viewer to experience the space, creating a different perspective when they are travelling around it. This would require me to generate a unique way of mapping.
Another aspect could be for me to use the same systems when mapping many areas so that they are comparable. This could also be done through the use of comparative statistical diagrams.
I could investigate how people move around the space, or intervene with my books/maps so that the viewer takes the route in which I want them to.
I could create functional and descriptive maps. Which allows the viewer to experience a journey from one place to the next, whether it is making use of the map physically or it to be simply looked at as a journey in book.


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  1. Hi Jat,
    Thanks for this. A little convoluted in your description 😉 and I think it may well be easier to understand/communicate through some practical visual work. Think carefully about potential intentions for your project, and methods: designing work that persuades people to move through a space in a pre-determined manner / observing and mapping the way people move through a space / encouraging people to reflect on their own movement and orientation in a space etc. All overlapping and interlinked areas with potential.

  2. Yep, i think it’s because I am still a little confused in my main aim. I think the practical experiments will help and explore possibilities.

    thanks, Jat

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