Visual Sampling

In music, sampling is the action of taking a portion from an existing sound and reusing it as a melody, instrument or a different sound piece of a song. This action is usually used with showing their respect to the original piece. Sampling is widely known in the music, whereas an examination is required to investigate the possibility of this technique in other fields.

My mission is to somehow connect this action with graphic design. Since graphic design carries a wide range of expressive styles, you can find variety of similarities in between the original and the new. It is difficult to define them as sampling or just plagiarising without giving respect to the original.

By definition, plagiarism is the act of using another person’s ideas as your own without giving them credit. This could extend to all areas of creative thinking. On the other hand, visual design is not a music piece, which makes it difficult to reuse a “portion” from the original work.

As my next elective is related to music, I would like to link my experiments through class to this subject. My plan is to start by thinking of using musical techniques (e.g. sampling, loop and mash-up) in graphic design. Since I am not so sure of how I can develop to specific experiments, I appreciate any advices if possible to share some ideas.

Taro Motoda


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