Hands on

I want to look at different ways people use their hands in communication, especially in the aspect of disabilities; how the deaf use sign language and blind or people with impaired vision use their hands not only to read braille but also ‘see’ images with their fingers by touching pictures that are embossed and layered.

I am tempted to go straight to sign language and create an introduction book an with more coherent illustrations that explains signs, how to shape and move your hands when signing. The courses I’ve attended in this subject have all had different teachers and all with their own hand drawn pictures, which was sometimes confusing as they drew the same word’s illustration very differently. I think they would benefit from a more unified look.

There are more deaf and hard of hearing people in the society than we realise and they face many difficulties in their everyday life, things hearing people take for granted. My idea was to maybe create a book which could work as a first glance at learning how to sign for schools.

But I would be limiting the field of research quite early in that case, so therefore want to broaden the theme and will include other things as well and see where it leads me.


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