Design Rhetoric

 For the project I am going to investigate on the Gestalt Theory, the idea of perception. As a human we have a tendency to look at things as a shape, organise and make sense of the things that we see. Firstly I will look at few areas of Gestalt Theory which involves similarity, proximity, closure, simplicity, repetition and figure/ground. For the beginning of the project I want to investigate in a broader sense of visuals and typography as the theory is applied in many aspect of graphic design.


The focus of this project will be the idea of ‘The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.’ And questioning the perception ‘Do you see what you want to see?’ I will carry out experiments with simple shapes and moving on to creating a form with everyday objects that will illustrate the idea of seeing ‘unified whole’ rather than the individual pieces that makes up the whole.



Alternatively, from starting this project I am also considering looking at Hangul (Korean Alphabet). As Hangul forms from combining consonants and vowels into a block and it only becomes a whole when the individual elements are combined together. However I am unsure if I want to focus on Hangul so for the time being I will continue with the experiments first focusing on the idea of ‘The whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ and looking into Hangul as a part of the research.


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