Typography as a means of communication

I would like to focus my studies on typography as a means  of communication. There are many “do’s and dont’s” in typographic design and I would like to investigate these further. To avoid limiting my options too soon I hope to look at two areas. Firstly experimental type in perhaps music as I have chosen Sound and Vision: Music and Graphic Design for elective B. Secondly information display type with a view to perhaps focusing on museum exhibition graphics. I am interested in large display graphics and legibility and have begun to create a typology to compare how the pubic and designers associate typeface with products.

The idea often of experimental type is to grab attention, and for that in exhibitions is to be invisible so not to detract from the exhibits. This idea in reverse could be an interesting one. What if the information was displayed in the frames and the artwork across the walls? Removing the artwork altogether and focusing on the typography has been the subject of exhibitions and advertising campaigns in the past. I think there could potentially be a need to look at the display graphics in museums but would like to take a more general look at typography and display at this stage.


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