Seminar 2

The idea for my project came from a trip I took with my father in South East Asia last October. We visited four countries over the course of forty days; Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. As I looked back at our journey, I noticed that what interested me most was what we had collected during this time; pictures, itineraries, diaries, maps, tickets, vouchers, objects, the people we had met, the cultures we had discovered, etc. I will work from these two different archives and perceptions; my fathers and my own. My research lead me to question how you could build one story with two narratives. I would like to find a graphic system that combines those two bodies of information. The aim is to find an innovative way to create a narrative structure playing with two points of views. The objective is to interrupt the expectation of the reader/viewer/spectator. For contextual research I looked at travelogues, mapping, diaries, study of culture, psychology, etc. For visual inspirations I looked at experimental design such as visual and typographic layouts. I need to do a rational of the form my project could take and look at all medium’s opportunities; book, screen, installations, etc. In my primary research I used different tools and techniques, to show different point of view, and tried to see where it operates the best. I did not use my archive yet, for the Unit 2 experimentations, to enable me to have more freedom. However, I know that I need to mind map my data by the end of Unit 2 to see exactly what I will work with in Unit 3.


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