Seminar 2_Cristina

Research question 
Almost everyday you buy things and many of those purchases are recorded and tracked. My project will investigate how the receipts we get can tell a story about this surveillance.

Aims and Objectives
I have been researching ephemera and I also have an interest in paper. While researching the paper that surrounds us, such as business envelopes and receipts, I became interested in the issue of privacy.

Area of Study
My project will be about design and through design.
About design in a sense that I will use printing techniques to show the issue of permanence and impermanence
And it will be through design in a sense that it will tell a story, perhaps spooky, of how we are being  surveilled  even in the most trivial occasions such as in our supermarket shopping. (or day to day affairs, such as grocery shopping).

Research Methodology
My brief is to compose and generate a visual story, using receipts (and business envelopes?), that highlights the issue of privacy and surveillance of people in our society as well as to bring attention to permanence and impermanence since most of what is printed today is on heat sensitive paper and it disappears very quickly.

Research methods
Collect receipts and analyze all the information available on them in order to create a narrative which relates to the topic.

Action plan
I will experiment with printing techniques which alludes to the fading that occurs on heat sensitive paper. I will use different opacity paper as well as photography to convey the exposure of people’s lives.


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  1. thank you, Joana. It looks like it will be very helpful!

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