Seminar 2

Research Question
A study of graphic design and scale in relation to the human body and how graphic material has to be adapted to work at different sizes.

Aims and Objectives
Using large scale experiments and small scale graphic material to compare and evaluate the legibility of type and different graphic treatments.

How to scale down graphic material to bare minimum and take minimal information and make big.

Area of Study
Typographic form and communication
Human interaction?
Exploration of graphic form, methods, materials

Research Methodology
Continue with typographic experiments: different sizes, scales, media, substrates, crops, environments.
Primary research – display type and how it is influenced by:
Where it is placedHow it interacts with those who will view it
How suitable it is for the environment
Secondary research:
Proxemics, the use of space and various differences between people as they interact
Laban and Banesh movement notation
Large scale graphic design
Experimental typography and legibility

Action Plan
To bring the subject of study into an area of interest I will be looking at graphic material related to music graphics and in particular the British punk scene. Starting with a series of experiments related to badges, small scale graphics and their relation to people:

Break down badge artwork to vector and separate, colour, type, image – categorize and compare

Compare similar band poster graphics to smaller scale artwork on badges

How people wear badges, location, quantity

Continue with the large scale experiments in different environments

Working with Type EXHIBITIONS, Rob Carter, John DeMao, Sandy Wheeler
Typographie, Emil Ruder
Type Treatments, Wilson Harvey/Loewy
Experimental Typography, Rob Carter
About Face, David Jury
Large Scale Graphic Design, Chris Foges
Labanation: the system of analyzing and recording movement
Special Variations
Shape, Design, All


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