Research Question: My project is to develop a system to document space.

‘An interval of distance or time between two points, objects or events.’ [Acsessed 1st June, 2011]
Research Question:
•    My project is to develop a system to document space.

Aims and Objectives:
•    Express space in an innovative and engaging way
•    To use descriptive techniques when looking at space that is used daily.
•    As well as documenting places that are not usually seen, allowing the viewer to envisage the unseen.
•    I aim to study the boundaries of space
•    I aim to construct a tangible representation of a space
•    I aim to experiment with different systems in the mapping of space.
Potential Audiences that will want to have a space to be mapped:
Anybody that passes through a particular space
Anybody that likes a particular space
A user of a particular space, for example:
•    Teaching staff
•    Guest lecturers
•    Hospital patient, or staff
•    Fire service
•    Library users
•    Potential buyer of a place
•    Potential resident of a place
•    Or a potential user of a space for leisure (like a park, restaurant)

•    Anybody that is simply interested in the visualisation of space
•    Anybody that has an interest in such graphic design pieces
Context: Field of Study
•    Mapping
•    Documenting
•    Interaction within space
•    Functionality of a space
Context: Survey
•    I have studied texts by Georges Perec, and studied his descriptive technique of visualising a space with words
•    By reading a book called Materials Structures and Standards I have been made aware of why materials are chosen in a particular space, as well as the qualities they offer.
•    Through reading a lot of architectural literature I have found many symbols that exist when mapping a space
•    I have looked at how people map space in interior design and exhibition design.
•    Requirements for signage when put in a particular space
•    Navigational systems and way finding
•    Information design
Context: Review
•    The resources I have looked at as of yet have shown me the breadth of the subject area I am proposing to work in
•    I have been able to review other mapping conventions to allow me look at what things work and how I can bring about my individual out look to the project
Research Methodology:
Primary Research:
•    Participatory survey about maps and space. Questions may consist of finding out what the user believes a map is, what they believe a map should be, when they would use a map…
•    Mapping space myself (tests and experiments)

Secondary Research:
I will look at existing mapping conventions and definitions within such areas:
•    architectural plans and sketches
•    interior design
•    building plans
•    theatre sets
•    film sets
•    virtual tours
•    way finding
•    signage
•    Collecting maps.

This will give me an indication as to how other people describe space.
Action Plan: Methods
•    I will need to continue my experimentation into different ways to map and describe spaces
•    Experimentation on how I can visually map a space. Evaluating these ideas as I go along to see if they should be taken further and what changes could be made to strengthen my ideas.
•    Detailed mind maps of spaces I could investigate.
•    Locate interesting spaces, research and think about context of the space. Should I be aware of its users? What is the space used for?

Action Plan: Resources
•    When looking at what space is, and what a map is I will need to compare different dictionary definitions. As well as philosophical outlooks on space
•    I will need to continue research into how others document space
•    I want to look into how other designers make use of generative systems

Action Plan: Schedule

•    I will consult my peers
•    I will show relevant work to people that make use of the space I have documented, and question its effectiveness
•    I can conduct surveys to see if my ideas prove to be useful
•    I am interested in using the form of a book to express the form of a space. The book itself may be as experimental as required when reflecting the experience of a particular space.


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