Synopsis / 2 suggestions / Aristos Christodoulou


My project focuses on digital projection as a medium and the immediate merging of the projection surface and the projected word that it is produced. The way this medium interacts with surfaces is nothing alike other methods. The use of light and darkness in relation to the surface construct the projected words or projected images as a unified body.

Research Question: Could the merging of a surface and a word produced with digital-projection as a medium generates new or alternative meaning?

Throughout the project I will come across the theoretical, linguistic and semiotic part of graphic design but at the same time the practical and medium driven part. The instant connection of words and their linguistic meaning with the characteristics of the projection surface and the unified body these two element create through digital projection will utilize the investigation to the field of study of semiotics. Through coherent investigation I will obtain knowledge in the use of language and meaning to graphic design in relation to images and surfaces.

The primary experimentation focuses on systematic digital projection of a group words on different surfaces. The group of words is formed with the theme of medium referenced form McLuhan’s books Medium is the message and Understanding media.  At this point I project the words meaning, channel, media, voice, accent, form, mechanism, process, perception and medium on different surfaces, with different typefaces, sizes and distances.

Two suggestions for experiments from the peer group sessions:

-The use of light and shadow instead of digital projection. For example cutout of a word on a surface (fabric, cardboard) placed on a position that creates shadow between 2 different surfaces and methodologically snap photos of the shadow as it moves naturally thought the day. Even though the main focus of the project is digital projection as a medium it would be nice to have this kind of experiment since digital projection function only on darkness.

– Projections on places that can be interactive, for example interaction with cars and people on a static projection. I already have examples of this kind of projections using the previous group of words (death, fear etc). It would be interesting to have a series of projections with interaction since the medium would be more evident.


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  1. Two very nice ideas for practical experiments… look forward to seeing the outcomes. Just keep focussed on the systematic approach to your experiments – change one element at a time so as to make incremental changes.

    Good luck!


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