Multi-source light projection in signage


Usually we do not pay too much attention on shadows, and thus has no knowledge about the shadow’s behavior in special situations. From previous observations and experimentations, I found out that multi-source light projection can create some interesting and unexpectable results. The shadows that are derived from separate light sources overlap each other and therefore provide darker areas in the intersection. However, in case of eliminating or obstructing any of the light sources through intervention, the whole shadow map changes. Some parts seem to become darker while others become lighter.

The aim of my project is to investigate the possibilities of applying multi-source light projection in signage systems. I would like to find out how can it engage visitors, involve them in their own wayshowing, and give experience beyond information.

According to my plan, I’m trying to learn more about signage design and multi-source light projections simultaniously. My final intention is to develop a detailed guideline for the use of this projection technique which can be useful for designers and architects.

Ideas from the peer group sessions:

– looking at exhibitions, and learn about how visitors are used and invited for interaction
– using an existing signage as the basis of a multi-source light projected one, and testing it


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  1. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for posting the summary and suggestions. The two ideas for progress are a little too ambiguous/open-ended. You will need to be more precise about how you plan to ‘test’ your replacement projected signage system. However, it’s a good idea to choose a real location or exhibition to base some experiments on.

    I think it may also be worth looking at film and photography that uses light and shadow extensively – film noire, maybe constructivist film, Nosferatu the Vampyre (Murnau 1922) etc.



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