Scale and Graphic Design in Music

An investigation into the use of scale in graphic design and an evaluation into the ways in which graphic material has to be adapted to work at different sizes. The project will look particularly at graphic design in music and how material is applied to a variety of media at different scales.

A collection of badges from the 70’s punk era has been used as a model for initial experiments on small scale material and their use as a fashion or promotional item. Why do people wear badges? Is it to associate with a group or subculture, to promote or belong to a particular band? As bands are increasingly having to think of innovative ways in which to raise their profile, I am interested in lookng at how they could perhaps use their audience to create their own branding or marketing ideas. What new technology is available to make fans feel like they belong in the same way badges used to? Perhaps by creating a brand for a band by using the audience.

Experiments will use projection and may take on the form of large scale pieces using people interaction, focusing particularly on graphics for performance, ie graphic backdrops for bands and using audience interaction and the bands themselves to create these graphics.

Two suggestions for experiments:

As music festivals are full of bands and audiences it seems to be the perfect place to create a large scale people interactive experiment. I plan to conduct an event at the Secret Garden Party. I hope to gather a crowd and see if we can create an interesting backdrop for the fesitval. I am already in contact with the organisers and photographers are on board to capture the results.

Experiment with several media including: shadows, projections, lighting and fluorescents at gigs and rehearsal spaces, to produce inovative ways of producing graphic backdrops.




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  1. Hi Candy,

    Sounds great and brilliant that you have an event lined up for your experiments. Don’t lose sight of the scaling issue – and the ideas we discussed about making a link between small scale graphic elements (such as button badges or whatever) and the large scale performance environment.

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