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How are you doing?

Hey! How are you guys doing? I’m starting to panic a bit, I’ve spent too much time doing non-MA stuff and am finding it a bit tricky to get back on track… Hopefully I will get it together soon and speed things up. When is our first session back at Uni? Do you know?

Hope you all had a nice summer!


Planetary, Itunes Visualiser

More on visualising music, might be useful for some of you…


Stunning iTunes Visualizer, Powered By Bold Experiment In UI Design

The eye-popping app from Bloom is actually a new interface metaphor that could be applied to any kind of data, not just your music.

Planetary (voiceover) from Bloom Studio, Inc. on Vimeo.

visualising music



This blog might be useful to some of us (although some of you might have come across it already). Right now I am really struggling with how to visualise the visual and textual information on the vinyls, cds and mp3. Well, even cataloguing it to begin with is troublesome. But I’m getting there, slowly… Hope you have all gotten a good start on your projects and some nice days off!